How important are numbers?

Well some are really important, speed limits, how long to leave hair dye on, how far apart your contractions are, for example. Once you reach a certain maturity – your age not so much, I recently got asked for ID when buying beer for my husband so even though I’m a Mum to 2 kids & just celebrated my birthday, I’m good.

The numbers I’d like to celebrate today are 10,000!!!! Wow, 10,000 likes on my page & 99% of those likes are gorgeous, amazing, talented, awesome, clever, inspiring women.

So many of you have reached out & shared your stories, sent me messages of friendship and given me a platform in which to engage & debate ideas, I appreciate it so much!!

Over the last 5 months I have written more than I have in years & your support has motivated me to start writing my book. I encourage all of you to pursue your passions as you never really know what successes are waiting for you.

Please continue to Comment, Share & Like my posts so that more amazing women will see them. You all rock.

Viva la sisterhood!

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