The first time I went travelling (on a 2 year working holiday visa to the UK) I took a suitcase, a backpack & hand luggage. I honestly thought I would need most of my wardrobe. After I’d been overseas for a while I realised that I hadn’t even opened my suitcase & was rotating the same outfits: jeans, skirt, summer dresses, black tops, flower blouse, cardigan, shawl throw, jacket & what was making my outfits look different every time was the accessories.

I’ve always loved jewellery, but I’m not just talking precious metals, I mean costume & fashion jewellery, bright colourful stones, beads, feathers, Amazonian seeds, resin, leather, glass, lucite, pearls & Swarovski crystals. I’m passionate about colour & how it translates through tones, textures, patterns & effects. I choose jewellery designs that represent my character & spirit.

After condensing everything I needed into a backpack & crossbody handbag, I didn’t want to make my luggage too heavy so everywhere I travelled I always bought a fridge magnet & jewellery pieces, earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings. I have a large collection of treasured jewellery items now & each one has its own story.

I’m often asked, where did you get your necklace or earrings? I reply, Brazil, Prague, Venice, London, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Thailand etc, I love that my pieces are unique & I know I won’t see anyone wearing the same jewellery as me anywhere I go.

I also love scarves, belts, shoes, hats, sunglasses, if you wore the same black top & jeans 7 days in a row but changed your belt, necklace & earrings, sunnies & shoes, what you were wearing would probabily go unnoticed as the accessories become memorable.

Now when friends ask me about what to pack I say not much, depends where you’re going you may need a few warmer clothes etc, but mostly just take the basics & buy what you need as you travel. Also, if you’re anything like me your style will evolve as you are exposed to different trends & what you may have thought looked amazing at the start of the trip suddenly becomes buried at the bottom of the backpack never worn. Just stick to what you know you will wear & accessorise like a rock star!

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