All eyes collide as she enters the room,
The swing of her hair and hips mime a tune,
Inciting desire with her scent and her face,
Piercing eyes tell a story that strengthen her grace

High cheekbones, long lashes, the curl in her hair,
Beauty beholden to a stranger’s stare,
Commanding an audience with knowledge and flair,
She talks of a world united and fair

It’s not what she says,
How she listens so true,
It’s the things that she shares,
Have meaning for you

A flicker of interest as she captures your gaze,
The delicate perfection of her features amaze,
A moment in time engraved in your heart,
The future imagined sets her apart

A mysterious lover to caress and impress,
A life entwined with limitless success,
Soft skin, painted nails, lacy lingerie,
Anticipation of her touch,
Takes your breath away

She says, I know who I am, do you know who you are?
I’m looking for a man who won’t leave a scar,
Do you like what you see? Am I free to be me?
The flaws that provoke seduce reality

The challenge of her is for the self aware,
With a swish of her dress she issues a dare,
Don’t cross the floor until you’re sure,
That you want more than just the allure.

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