Be You!

If only we could have the beauty of youth with the wisdom of age.

For 10 years I worked in advertising in women’s magazines and print newspapers.

I loved my job because it was fun, creative and rewarding to see my efforts published in a beautiful, aspirational format. I enjoyed the publishing process and the tangibility of flicking through the pages, but I also saw how manipulative it can be and damaging to women’s self esteem. These highly photoshopped, glamorous, designer images aren’t real! They are designed to sell a product, brand or trend.

We live in an appearance obsessed world and being attractive is a huge commodity, but it doesn’t define who we are. Inner beauty will always trump the superficial and time is a great equaliser. Beauty lacking sustainable interest (intellect, confidence, passion, compassion, resilience, joie de vivre) is not interesting. Being open to new experiences, opportunities and influences will create a fulfilling life.

It’s really true that youth is in the mind, what we believe is what we feel, if we believe we are young and beautiful then that is the image we project and how we are perceived, if we succumb to negative self-talk and diminish our true selves then that is also how we will be perceived.

When I started this blog I wanted to create a sisterhood revolution, to connect women around the world, I’ve been so touched by your personal stories and how universal the issues affecting womankind really are, regardless of race, age, culture and status.

The world isn’t perfect and neither are standards, labels, opinions and judgements.
You set your standard, ignore labels, filter opinions and reflect on the merits of any judgements. Be positive and kind to yourself.

Be You! Be the best You, love yourself, flaws and all, there will never be another you so make a difference, be happy in your skin, don’t compare yourself to magazine illusions, celebrities or other women, they are living their life, be proud of the amazing woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister you are!

If you have read my posts this year, if you have liked, shared or commented, Thank You!
I appreciate your support. Please continue to share so more sisters can read my posts and we can build this community.

Enjoy the holidays and have a slice of cake for me 🙂


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