Everyone has a gift, a talent that they have been blessed with.

Sometimes it comes naturally, sometimes you have to work to develop your skill but you know your efforts will be rewarded.

My skill has always been being able to read between the lines of what people are saying and ask questions that require a depth to the answer.

I think it’s important even if you’re having a casual conversation to ask questions that go beyond the superficial, make those moments count, leave an impression.

Sometimes the only way to disarm someone is through genuine honesty. Lay down your defences, show the raw emotion, be authentic.

Believe in yourself.

When I started this blog I didn’t know if anyone would be interested in my writing, I just knew that I needed to stop procrastinating, over the book I’ve been writing in my head for years..

Writing a post may be easier than writing a chapter but it’s still an achievement, I have a body of work now that I didn’t have a year ago. I also have 50,000 followers, OMG!!!
Incredible, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I really appreciate every Like, Share & Comment because it validates that my goal to build a community of women is achievable.

I wanted to create a space on the internet for women around the world to talk in an open forum about issues that connect and affect us all. I don’t have all the answers but together we can unite and form a powerful sisterhood where we learn, support and encourage each other.

I like to write on a range of topics, some will be from personal experience, some through observation or some just because I find the subject matter fascinating. I want to hear your stories too, entertain or shock me, I’ll throw the ball back.

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