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It’s so easy to lose your identity in being a Mum.

To shift from having a high powered career where you are validated for your contribution & achievements to high-fiving your child for pooing in the potty. It’s not that the achievement feels less, you understand what a massive milestone that is for your child & you are proud beyond belief, it’s just that mental stimulation is lacking.

Monotony, self-sacrifice, sleep deprivation, limited adult conversation, the barrage of demands, negotiations & meltdowns over the wrong coloured cup, the desire to be creatively challenged can be overwhelming.

The other day my daughter & I took a trip to the art store, we bought 2 canvases, paints, patterned paper, glitter, coloured glue, ribbon, lace sheets, wood butterflies and stickers. She was so excited going around the store & telling the shop lady that she’s an artist ?

The first canvas she painted all over with different paints, then we squeezed the paint onto the canvas in random amounts, directions and patterns. We used the back of the paintbrush & a fork to create patterns in the canvas. Then we sprinkled different coloured glitter over the canvas. At the end when my daughter picked it up off the table to move it to a safe place to dry she tipped it sideways & all the colours ran & created a very cool effect, the photo below is an original artwork by my daughter. I love it ❤️

I want to teach my daughter the love of creative expression, whether that be through art, music, writing, imaginative play/performing, designing. I want her to appreciate beauty in aesthetics, talent & skill. I want her to pursue her passions & tap into her creative side.

I want her to know that if something empowers you to go for it. I have chosen to stay at home with my kids but she now knows that sometimes Mum is writing & she has to respect that my time is also valuable. When I write I am filling my creative cup at the same time I’m filling hers with milk & when she’s older I hope she remembers the time we spent together creating something beautiful.

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