Mummy, look at me, Mummy watch, Mummy…

Children are attention sponges, they don’t care if the attention they receive is good or bad as long as they get their reward, more attention.

Kids are no different to adults when it comes to the desire to feel loved, connected and validated, they just have a different maturity level & capacity to express their feelings.

They want to be seen, to be heard, to be appreciated. They understand that sometimes to gain this they need to be loud, demanding and persistent.

When a child is acting ‘naughty’ they are asking for their subconscious needs to be met, to be recognised. It is up to us as parents to ask the right questions, to invest the time to know our child and to help them develop the behaviours that will bring them the most satisfaction and self awareness.

I truly believe the saying, you reap what you sow, build the connection and maintain its strength and you will most likely be rewarded with a cooperative child that embraces the kindness and gentleness s/he has been shown.

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