What I love about social media is the ability to comment.

A friend posts a photo white water rafting the Zambezi River… OMG wish I was there!

An exhausted mother in your local Facebook Mum’s group wants to know if she’ll ever sleep again…closing your eyes when you sneeze counts right?

Your favourite musician posts her upcoming tour dates in the vineyards and your friends start a comment thread making plans for a combined spa weekend.

What all these examples have in common is a universal desire to share and connect with our community. Liking, Sharing and Commenting makes us feel part of the experience and decreases feelings of loneliness, isolation and envy. Participation beats passive observation.

If a Like on social media is a nod of encouragement or empathy, then a comment is an extension of the conversation and opens up the discussion further.

I love to read the comments I receive on my posts, I think it’s incredible that someone in my city or another country can read what I typed into my phone a few minutes ago.

Please if you read my posts and like them, comment something about yourself, tell a story, suggest a topic, share your favourite artists, ask me a question, I want to know more about you, let’s inspire each other

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