I was nervous getting on the plane not knowing what to expect when I disembarked.

10 weeks learning a new language wasn’t enough to feel prepared.

A new country, new culture, new family awaited me.

My boyfriend had left the UK a few weeks earlier while I finished my job and packed up our cozy flat. I knew he’d be impatiently searching for my face as I walked though arrivals.

I stopped at the toilets to fix my makeup, reciting the new phrase I had asked the passenger beside me to translate.

Prazer em te conhecer, it’s nice to meet you.

I was hoping to make a good first impression on my future mother-in-law, to demonstrate my commitment to her son by learning his language.

We drove to meet all his family, his mum, sister, uncles & aunties, cousins, they were all eager to meet this Australian girl my boyfriend was in love with.

He smiled proudly at me & introduced his Mum, I gave her a warm hug and said, Prazer em te cozinhar.

An explosion of good hearted laughter filled the room and everyone was looking at me with amusement. I asked my boyfriend, what did I say?

‘You just told my Mum it’s nice to cook you’

Luckily I’m not easily embarrassed, plus Brazilians love to cook so it was a great ice breaker ?

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