Sisters Without Borders


What are the 3 most common questions asked when you meet someone for the first time?

What’s your name?
Where are you from?
What do you do for a living?

Those things provide an insight into who we are & our professional endeavours.

I like meeting new people & hearing their stories, it’s fascinating to connect over similar interests and experiences. There is nothing more rewarding then sharing a cool conversation with a stranger and establishing an instant rapport that makes you believe if you put in the time you will be friends.

Seeing women around the world liking my posts is so incredibly exciting, I want to know more about you! So, in the spirit of building a community where women can engage and exchange opinions, stories, advice, cultural similarities & differences, I thought you might like to know who else is reading my words.

I will also be uploading new posts to my website with a link on Facebook over the next few weeks. In an ideal world we would all pursue our passions and be paid for it, I have taken the leap and stopped procrastinating and now I hope to earn an income from my writing ✍?️

Please visit my website, leave your thoughts, ask questions, get to know each other, let’s unite the sisterhood without borders!

It’s lovely to meet the women from: (no particular order)
Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, South Africa, Mexico, UK, USA, Greece, Nepal, Ireland, Spain, Fiji, Philippines, Portugal, Pakistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey, Canada, Morocco, Samoa, Italy, Albania, Chile, Poland, Maldives, Montenegro, Ukraine, France, Luxembourg, Papua New Guinea, Belgium, Macedonia, Kosovo, Hong Kong, UAE, Serbia, Russia, Palestine, Croatia, Japan, Hungary, Switzerland, Romania, Venezuela, Indonesia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Paraguay, Austria, Lithuania, Germany, South Korea, Bolivia, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Colombia, Thailand, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Sweden, Belarus, Denmark, Alaska, Slovenia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bahamas, Finland, Dominican Republic, Namibia, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Jamaica, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Peru ❤️

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