Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is a time for reflection.

It’s a day when children shower their mothers with love, breakfast in bed, flowers & something Dad thought would make a good present, like slippers.

For 364 days of the year mothers deal with endless demands, drudgery, self sacrifice & an abundance of parental guilt. On one day of the year we can relax & say today is about ‘me time’, sleeping in, having food cooked by someone else, getting a mani/pedi while Dad watches the kids, mostlyMother’s Day is about getting time off from being a mother. It’s your annual flexi day that comes with chocolate.

For mothers it’s also a jolt that reminds us we are not the youthful, carefree creatures we once were, we are now full-fledged adults with responsibilities & children who consider us their role models. That’s a lot of pressure. Mother’s Day allows us to breathe, be present, smell the flowers & absorb the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

For some women it’s a painful day remembering what never was, what has been lost & what can’t be changed, a day of sorrow & sadness. My mother was 3 when her Mum kissed her goodbye to go to the hospital to bring home her baby brother or sister & never returned. She died in childbirth with the baby. My grandfather became an alcoholic for many years such was his devastation and my Mum & her sister lived with family until their late teens.

I grew up knowing that not all Mums have mothers, mine didn’t & I was inherently sad for her without knowing the full extent of that reality. I have close friends who have suffered miscarriages, the death of their beloved child who was stillborn, the heartbreak of wanting to become parents so desperately & not having that dream come to fruition. I am in awe of the incredible strength these warrior women and their partners show under immeasurable grief.

Some days I want to run out the door from frustration, negotiations & the sound of Mummy on an endless loop. Then when I have a short break & my daughter tells me how much she missed me, how much she loves me & my son pats me on the shoulder when I pick him up, I know that I am the centre of their universe, that their day starts and ends with me & I am eternally grateful to be living this life.

Happy Mother’s Day ?

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