Mummy Break


When my daughter was a baby I was so consumed by the ‘mother’ role that the only guaranteed outing was her weekly music class. I didn’t have any friends with young children so I felt isolated & didn’t really help myself by seeking out Mummy friends.

With my son I was different I was intent on being active, I enrolled my daughter in a Montessori under 3’s class, a ballet class, a class for Australian/Brazilian toddlers to learn about both cultures. Every day I left the house with my son in the BabyBjorn and holding my daughter’s hand & I felt happy ?

I met other Mum’s, I socialised & it was the best mental health plan for recovering postnatally and dealing with stress. I relaxed my standards about housework and focused on just having that time with my kids.

I’m sure it benefited my marriage to have things to talk about & placed less pressure on my husband to fill my need for adult conversation.

Just getting out of the 4 walls and breathing fresh air & experiencing a change in scenery can lift your spirits & invigorate your energy, you appreciate coming home as opposed to wanting to change your name when you hear Mummy for the 500th time that day.

Mum’s need to be cared for too, a commiserating coffee with friends, seeing a movie, getting your nails or hair done & making sure that’s the day you pick your kid up from preschool so the teacher’s see the real you.

Socialising & laughing away the stress of monotony, laundry & parental battles over who did what, is the best way to lift the fog, sometimes to bring back the spark in your marriage & remember your life pre-motherhood you have to give yourself a break from it.

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