She Sparkles


My daughter is tall for her age and so effervescent people assume she is older and have higher expectations of her behaviour. Luckily she always charms them with her personality and they are impressed when they realise she is only 3.

Today I was washing her hands, something she is fastidious about doing and it shocked me to notice how long her fingers have grown, how her hand has matured from toddlerhood and I wondered how many other things are passing me by in the day to day of Mission: Mummy.

She has just started to be obsessed with princesses & last night I read Frozen to her, she wanted to know why there was one man who pretended to be in love with the princess but was really a baddy, I explained that when she is older and meets a boy that I will help her understand if he is the right man for her to marry based on the way he treats her, she said, Good, I put the book down and looked at her resting against me and felt honoured by the responsibility of being her mother and knowing I am the woman who will teach her how to love and be loved ❤️

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