What is the secret to being comfortable in your own skin?

Being able to see the beauty in your uniqueness.

Appreciating the thickness or softness of your hair, the way it curls or flows through your fingers, the smattering of freckles across your nose, the pink blush of your cheeks after exercising, the arch of your eyebrows, the way your eyes change colour depending on your mood, the plumpness of your lips, your defined Cupid’s bow, the dimples that appear when you smile, the lashes that only need a slick of eyeliner & mascara to make you feel like a goddess, the suppleness of your skin, the swell and fullness of your boobs, the curve of your hips when you lay on your side and let your eyes skim down your strong thighs and muscly calves to your manicured toes, the roundness of your bum, the way your waist nips in and accentuates your hourglass shape, the little potbelly that is a reminder that you created & birthed another human being, the scars that come with a backstory only you could tell, the way your body instinctively moves to the rhythm when it hears a beat.

Regardless whether some or none of the above descriptions apply to you, our body blessings as women are too plentiful to count, beauty can’t be minimised by cellulite, a muffin top, double chin, wrinkles or any other way weight and age are used to score a woman’s physical appeal or sexual attractiveness.

Every perceived flaw is counterbalanced by behaviours & attributes of femininity; intelligence, integrity, maturity, elegance, independence, honesty, loyalty, passion, tact, style, empathy, humility, courage and confidence.

The way we talk to ourselves becomes our inner voice, if we want our daughters to be strong, influential, powerful leaders then we need to create, demonstrate, emulate, to model the behaviours we want them to replicate.

Beauty is more than appearance, body image shouldn’t be a measure of self-esteem, it is up to women to redefine the parameters, to be proud of achievements that elevate our worth beyond a standardised concept of attractiveness and stop falling victim to the media’s unrealistic portrayal of women. If you can look in the mirror and recognise the person staring back at you with pride, respect and appreciation then that is all that matters ❤️

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