I was 8 when I started to learn the piano.

Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, each week for 30 mins I practiced beside my teacher the classical pieces and scales I needed to learn to sit the AMEB exams.

At 14 I passed Grade 5 then awakened to the fact I was bored with the process.

My spirit could ride any musical beat but my fingers were limited to the notes on a page.

I love to dance and feel so free, the London nightclub scene was electric for me, pulsing rhythms, musical temptation, joyous rebellion.

One night I will never forget was at a squat party in London, an abandoned warehouse, a sheet of corrugated iron entrance, multiple rooms pumping different styles of music, going from one to another via the fireplaces, laser beams, dark and light, bodies worshipping the sound.

I was young, single, free and felt like that moment was everything, dancing with my eyes closed, I let the beat roll from my fingertips along my arm through the curve of my spine, across my shoulders, down the other arm and wrapped it in my hand before hearing a collective gasp and opened my eyes to see eyes in every corner watching me. I was struck in that moment with the knowledge I was passionate about dance. It wasn’t something I needed to be taught, it was instinctive.

I’ve had many moments of awakening in my life, discovering the depths of my true self, scribbling epiphany thoughts on random scraps of paper, capturing the essence of my beliefs.

I’m only who I am because I follow my passions, regardless of obstacles and challenges, it’s the only road that leads to true happiness.

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