Since the dawn of time humans have fought for power and privilege.

Wars have been fought over race, religion and property. A patriarchal system of government, law, media, employment, religious, social & moral authority exists in all lands, whether subtle or overt.

The pervading attitude that men are superior to women in more oppressive parts of the world stems from male philosophers and religious texts having been interpreted and translated by men to the benefit of their own hierarchical ruling structure. A patriarchal belief system passed down from generation to generation to control and dominate women.

Women still struggle to break the glass ceiling, have control over their own bodies and to be granted the same historical, cultural, intellectual, physical and moral significance as men.

Women have fought for equality and power by using the best weapon in their arsenal, reproductive and sexual attractiveness. Men may make more money but they need us to have children. Girls are raised in an image obsessed society, to believe beauty has the highest capital, that a career is a stepping stone to finding a husband and having babies, that motherhood is the pinnacle of being a woman. Boys are taught to aspire to run or save the world, that when they are successful their wife will be standing behind them, not beside them.

These enforced gender roles however subconscious still exist in western society. The difference is women continue to do the lion’s share of childrearing and housework but are also expected to contribute financially. We work harder, for less pay and still have to fight to have our contribution recognised and respected.

Even in today’s modern world women’s voices are silenced by words like, emotional, irrational, hysterical, which is why it is so important for the women of the world privileged to have a platform of global exposure that they choose their words carefully. You can’t fight centuries of repression with threats to blow up the White House as Madonna did in her Women’s March speech or by inciting further anger, violence or condemnation. This just damages the cause and leads to the real issues being dismissed.

People respond to clarity of thought, empathetic humanity, resilient integrity, stories of triumph and overcoming adversity. We want to be inspired and connection is the pathway to change.

Women for too long have been taught that it’s too hard to compete against men so it’s easier to tear another woman down and stand on her shoulders. The first step to improving female relations is to stop judging each other, respect each other’s opinions, look for common ground and work to create a more inclusive, accepting and caring world.

If we change our attitudes to other women, see them as allies rather than competition, if we advocate for the less fortunate, if we refuse to accept oppressive practices and champion each other’s success then hopefully men will follow. #unitethesisterhood
#powerofthemasses #stopjudging #warriorwomen

If we want cultural change, gender equality, peace and harmony then we need to start a global discussion, we have the communication channel now via social media, we need to share our stories, the treatment of women and girls within our countries and talk about solutions for improving the current and future situations. It is our duty as women to stop barbaric practices like FGM happening where the sole purpose is to further oppress females and take away her right to pleasure.

We can’t rely on the patriarchal system to address female issues, we as mothers have the power to create men who are raised without a sense of entitlement over women, to understand it is a privilege to walk the earth with women, to respect our bodies and our choices, to believe women and men are equal.

Now is the time for change, unification is the first step to controlling our destiny.

What issues are women facing in your country that need to be addressed?

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