Usually when I read an article about motherhood it’s espousing the view that it’s so hard and that’s true.

It’s talking about exhaustion and less sex, time and money, true again.

It’s discussing the Mummy Club which is pretty exclusive and all the regulations and criteria you need to meet to fit in and be accepted, also true.

Parenting is a minefield of advice, accomplishments, guilt, routines, boundary setting and deadlines. No woman wants to be labelled the ‘late’ Mum because one time you couldn’t get it together for ballet & decided better late than never while skulking into the room to judgemental stares.

I like to read Mum stories but I also like to read about women pursuing their passions, fulfilling their dreams, taking risks & achieving their goals. Women are amazing, Mum’s are amazing, my daughter is so clever and that’s what I’m most proud of, she can be whoever she wants to be and I will help & guide her on her journey. I’m teaching her strength; emotional, psychological & physical strength. Who she is, who we are, is not defined by others, it’s defined in our being, in our past, in our memories, in our reflections, in our deepest desires, in our outlook & mindset, in our inner and outer voice, behaviour & character.

What we are exposed to in society, the media, is like walking under a large overhanging tree filled with fruit in varying stages of ripeness. We can take the easy route and pick the fruit from the ground, which may not be the best, we can reach up and pull the fruit from the branches, which requires some effort and strength, or we can climb the tree for the most rewarding fruit at the top but requires courage, determination and commitment. Some fruit will be rotten, some might just need to be washed to be eaten & some will be delicious and perfectly ripe.

It’s the same for information, we don’t need to absorb it all, we can pick what best applies to us, no matter how easy or persuasive the low-lying fruit may be, with a little research & discernment we can equip ourselves and find a better path or outcome. Knowledge is power but not all knowledge is powerful. Some is there purely to make us feel bad about ourselves. I don’t listen to those voices. All we need to be happy is to shine our own lights & the universe will respond.

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