Harvey Weinstein was a powerful man with powerful connections.

Now his true character has been revealed to the world. The sad part is that for decades his behaviour was swept under the carpet or enabled by people who had something to gain by association.

It’s not an unusual story, the casting couch may be synonymous with Hollywood, but for every woman trying to carve a path in predominantly male fields like the Military, IT, Construction, Mining, the pressure to accept harassment comes with the territory for fear of losing their hard earned careers or being ostracised from their colleagues.

Sexual entitlement is a sick belief that the predator’s needs and perverted desires supersede the victim’s right to control over their own body, to peace of mind, personal boundaries and safety.

This predatory behaviour is not acceptable from anyone, male or female. Bullying, harassment, assault is the sole responsibility of the perpetrator. The victim is never to blame! Likewise once aware of the behaviour, justifying, remaining silent or punishing the victim for speaking out is only enabling this abuse of power and further contributing to the cultural acceptance of misogyny in society. It takes strength of character and courage to face up against your tormentor and seek justice.

The fact remains that we live in a patriarchal world where men are viewed as the dominant sex. It is up to women to protect themselves, to educate and empower our girls that sexual attention does not equal validation. That we can always say no. Our bodies are not a disposable commodity, we are not playthings for the sexual amusement of men. We deserve respect, recognition and reward for our contributions, this is what we must teach our boys.

Regardless of whatever successes or achievements you accomplish in your life, if you prey on another human being and they need to recover from the trauma of interacting with you then you cease to be worthy of anything other than rejection and repulsion.

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