I love New York.

The bright lights, the hustle & bustle, the smells, the sirens, the majestic architecture, the way your soul feels alive walking the streets.

I arrived in September to a heatwave, en route to Brazil from Australia & travelling alone. With limited time to explore the city I wanted to be close to Times Square, so I stayed at the West Side YMCA. After checking in, I left my bag in my room and headed out to see the sights.

That night I returned late, along the corridor there was a row of shared unisex bathrooms that were accessible by swipe card. Entering one to wash my hands and face I took off the coconut ring I had bought weeks earlier in Florian√≥polis and placed it on the sink, it wasn’t an expensive ring, I paid R$5, but it was really pretty.

I returned to my room, painted my nails and read through the travel brochures to plan my itinerary the next day, as I was about to turn out the lights I realised my ring was missing. I had left it in the bathroom.

I quickly walked down the hall and swiped into the bathrooms that weren’t occupied. I wasn’t sure which one I had been in but after a couple of disappointments I thought, I’m in a hostel in NY with revolving bathrooms, it’s gone.

The next morning I got up early and walked down the corridor swiping into the first bathroom that was available, to my astonishment there waiting patiently to be claimed was my ring.

I was in wonder at how many people would have swiped in and out of that bathroom during the night and every person who had looked at the ring made the choice to leave it there.

Not only had I been creatively charged by the city, it had restored my faith in humanity.

I believe in karma and positive energy and have nothing but love for the city that never sleeps

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