If life is a series of moments, then not every one is bound to be reflected perfection.

Most days life as a Mum starts out running until you fall exhausted into bed.

Throughout that day you will at some point think I’m a bad Mum, you will lose your cool, you will say or do something you wished you hadn’t, you will forget something or just not meet your own impossible standards.

Today I went to see Bad Moms at the movies, with my 15 month old, I was hoping he would fall asleep but he didn’t. Luckily as it turned out being a lunchtime session I was the only one in the cinema. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wasn’t bothered when he stood next to me at the end taking popcorn out of the box and throwing it on the floor. A small mess never hurt anybody and I got to watch an entire movie uninterrupted.

We forget that Mum’s need time out too, sitting in the darkened movie theatre watching Mila Kunis drive the Dodge Challenger revved my rebellious streak, I could relate to the feeling of just wanting to let go of all the restrictions and be free in the moment.

Being a Mum is awesome, but I’m still me. It’s refreshing to let go of the shackles of responsibility every now & then. That’s why the sisterhood is so important. Our friends are our saving grace in the moments of vulnerability and rebellion. They hear our confessions & raise them, it’s what connects women, they say, ‘You think that’s bad? My husband/kid did this and I reacted in this way…’, then we commiserate over our shared wins and losses and feel better.

I’m a flawed mother, I’m a flawed wife,
I’m a flawed sister, still I love my life

I can embrace all my challenges,
I will meet them head on,
With courage and self respect,
I know that I’m strong

The faithful eyes that watch while I reign,
Deconstruct my identity and build it again,
Her smile, his touch, they centre my soul,
As their mother I know my being is whole.

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