Traveller’s Soul


I envy people who can trace their family tree back centuries, knowing exactly where their ancestors originate from ?

Being Australian for generations I know my great grandparents were Australian but prior to that, where are we from? England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales? My Aunty tells me my Great Aunt was French, I knew there was a reason I studied French at high school for 6 years & felt at home in Paris.

I have a traveller’s soul, I feel alive & like I’m making the most of my time on this earth when I’m exploring new cultures, meeting new people, discovering new places, tasting exotic cuisines, a few days in a different country can create memories that last a lifetime.

I want my children to have open, enquiring minds, to not believe stereotypes & prejudices but to form their own opinions based on their personal interactions. Travelling to other places is the quickest way to distil indoctrinated ideas, seeing firsthand how other people live & trying to understand their culture, regardless if their philosophies differ from yours.

Travelling challenges more than just your finances, it tests your resolve, it strengthens your determination and ability to confront doubts and fears and seek the beauty and adventure in new experiences, friendships and treasured memories. Travel is exciting, stimulating and spontaneous.

If you have ever wanted to discover your heritage or just get on a plane & go somewhere but excuses were holding you back, my advice would be, pack light & go! YOLO ✈️

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